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Dr.Sardar Balbir Singh


Dr.Sardar Balbir Singh-Profile
Dr. S. Balbir Singh, son of the late Panth Ratan Shiromani Sardar Joga Singh ji, stands as a dynamic and enterprising individual, widely recognized as an exceptional educationist and dedicated philanthropist within the Bidar district. His remarkable contributions have earned him the prestigious "Kannada Rajyotsava Award - 2022" from the Government of Karnataka. This award celebrates his exceptional contributions to the realm of Social Service.
At the helm of Gurdwara Sri Nanak Jhira Saheb, Bidar, Dr. S. Balbir Singh serves as the president, demonstrating his commitment to both religious and community service. Moreover, his leadership extends to the Guru Nanak Group of Institutions, functioning under the auspices of the Sri Nanak Jhira Saheb Foundation in Bidar.
In his professional capacity, Dr. S. Balbir Singh excels as a Class-I P.W.D. & M.E.S. Contractor, boasting years of experience in the Civil Construction sector. His portfolio includes the successful execution of major building and road projects in and around Bidar, including substantial contributions to the Civil construction at the Air Force Station in Bidar and Bangalore.
Dr. S. Balbir Singh's personal demeanor is characterized by popularity, soft-spoken words, and a compassionate heart. He extends his support to the underprivileged through financial assistance and employment opportunities. His benevolence is evident in his willingness to generously contribute donations and offer jobs within his Institutions or Contract Firms. This kind-hearted nature transcends into his contributions to religious institutions, where he not only donates but also provides valuable suggestions.
A pivotal figure in Bidar's economic progress, Dr. S. Balbir Singh played a crucial role in securing Central Government funds amounting to Rs. 150.00 Crores for Bidar's development, commemorating the 300-year anniversary of the formation of the Khalsa Panth (Sikh Community) in 2008. These funds were instrumental in enhancing Bidar's infrastructure, including road widening and sanitation facilities, along with the establishment of Outer Ring Roads.
As the President of the Guru Nanak Group of Institutions, Dr. S. Balbir Singh's dedication to delivering quality education to Bidar's populace shines. With over 15,000 students enrolled in various educational establishments, his efforts bridge the education gap between urban and rural settings. Additionally, his initiatives generate direct and indirect employment opportunities, benefiting approximately 2000 people in Bidar.
Dr. S. Balbir Singh's personal interaction with his employees fosters a cohesive work environment, where staff members feel secure and valued. His altruistic pursuit of offering top-tier education has elevated Bidar's status as an educational hub.
As the Chairman of Guru Nanak Hospital in Bidar, Dr. S. Balbir Singh's transformative impact is evident in the hospital's infrastructure and superior medical facilities. Notably, the hospital serves the underprivileged with affordable medical care, maintaining impeccable hygiene standards.
Despite hailing from affluence, Dr. S. Balbir Singh remains ceaselessly active, participating wholeheartedly in Bidar City's social activities. His day typically spans from 9.00 AM to 9.00 PM, engaging with individuals from all walks of life, including employees and students.
His amiable nature transcends social and administrative boundaries, fostering strong relationships across diverse communities. Dr. S. Balbir Singh's unassuming and gracious demeanor, combined with his reputation for steering clear of controversy, has made him a widely respected and beloved figure in Bidar and beyond.