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Dr.Reshma Kaur


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Dr. Reshma Kaur, Vice Chairperson of Guru Nanak Group of Institutions, Bidar, is widely recognised for her remarkable administrative skills in establishing and enhancing educational institutions to remarkable standards. With a combination of strategic acumen and practicality, she stands as an exemplar educator with a strong emphasis on quality education. Her educational background spans commerce, law, and management, showcasing her versatility and expertise. Dr. Kaur's ascent to prominence is attributed to her innate talents, unwavering commitment, enthusiasm, and visionary approach to addressing the educational needs of the socially and economically underprivileged district of Bidar.

As a key member and Life Trustee of Sri Nanak Jhira Saheb Foundation, Bidar, and Vice-Chairperson of Guru Nanak Group of Educational Institutions, she has overseen the growth of 18 educational institutions that are rendering a significant impact on Bidar's educational, social and cultural landscape. Her involvement dates back to 1998, driven by her dedication to elevating academic standards and establishing contemporary institutions that cater to the unique needs of Bidar District. Notably, she undertakes these efforts without seeking any personal rewards. Dr. Reshma Kaur is a genuine educationist, continuously exploring innovative teaching methods to engage the younger generation. She instils in students the significance of shaping a 'new' world free from fear and conflict. Her approach is goal- driven, marked by persistence and a determination to direct her energy and resources towards achieving objectives. Her ethos is characterised by bravery, passion, integrity, and respect for individuals who share her values. She actively promotes cultural activities that celebrate national heritage, traditions, and values, fostering a sense of nationalism, cooperation, love, and compassion. Her unwavering dedication to work stems from her belief that “Work is Worship”. A strong advocate of teamwork, she involves all team members in decisionmaking and takes accountability for outcomes. Her enthusiasm lies in nurturing the confidence, responsibility, and self-reliance of the younger generation as future Indian citizens. She holds a special appreciation for individuals who embody honesty, patriotism, courage, hard work, and sincerity, especially in education and healthcare sectors.

In addition to her educational pursuits, Dr. Kaur's philanthropic spirit is evident through initiatives like providing accessible, affordable healthcare and medical support through Guru Nanak 100-bedded Multi- Speciality Hospital. She has played a pivotal role in establishing Guru Nanak Vruddha Ashram Sewa Sangh, Gurudwara, Bidar (Old Age Home) apart from other compassionate service to the society. Her efforts have earned her various accolades, including an Honorary Doctorate of Literature from Akkamahadevi Women’s University, Vijayapura, NALPAD “Women of Worth” Award, Abhinandan Award in recognition for rural social service, as well as various other institutional rankings.

Furthermore, Dr. Reshma Kaur holds roles in various institutions, spanning educational organisations, welfare associations, nursing colleges, and more. Her leadership role as a Syndicate member of Gulbarga University, Kalburgi, further highlights her diverse contributions.

In her pursuit of transforming society through quality education and promoting equality, Dr. Reshma Kaur is a beacon of inspiration and dedication